Best of Wedding Asia 2015: With Photos!

I have visited a handful of wedding exhibitions in the past, but had always missed out on Wedding Asia for some reason or the other. Not this year, though. Wedding Asia was scheduled into my planner weeks in advance, and I really wanted to go see if there was anything worth visiting for.

And just like all the other wedding exhibitions, Wedding Asia is another great one-stop shop for discovering wedding designers and jewellery makers from all over the country. Heading in at 11 am is always preferable, because most exhibitions start to get really crowded and cramped for space after 2 pm.

This time around, my team and I were not able to go through every single stall, but we still picked out the best of what we did see. These were some of the note-worthy vendors we did come across –


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A Mumbai Bride Picks 11 Favourite Stalls | Best of Sutra exhibtion

Namrata is a December 2015 bride, who is tying the knot in Mumbai and having 2 receptions – one in Kolkata and the other in Dehradun! She has a 2 States story – she is from Orissa, and her groom is from Uttarakhand. She lives in Mumbai, he lives in Delhi. Wedding planning is alien territory to her, what with her mainly having spent her life inside the IIT Bombay campus where 90% weddings take place in the campus guest house. From negotiating with wedding vendors to attending exhibitions and exploring lehenga stores, she has taken up the task of planning her budget wedding all by herself and blogs about it at Frugal2Fab. In today’s post, she shares her notes on Sutra by Marriage Mantra, a wedding exhibition she visited yesterday in Mumbai.

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Everything You Need To Know About Vogue Wedding Show 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Vogue Wedding Show 2015

Vogue Wedding Show 2015

A luxury wedding exhibition where the vendors are hand-picked by the people behind Vogue magazine. This is it’s 3rd edition. I’ve attended the previous two (and even written about the first one!) and found VWS to be one of the best wedding exhibitions out there.

When & Where

7-9 August, 2015 at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

What’s So Special About It?

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11 Things You Need To Know About Ogaan’s Wedding Exhibition

#1 It’s called Weddings 2015 and starts TODAY, at Ogaan in Hauz Khas Village. #2 You’ll get to see what’s in store for 2015 weddings in fashion – all curated for you and wrapped up in a neat bow, under one roof! #3 You just might find a designer lehenga that fits your bigger-than-you-realise-budget (why are you spending over … Continue reading 11 Things You Need To Know About Ogaan’s Wedding Exhibition

I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.

Notes on Bridal Asia 2014

“This is the best wedding exhibition that Delhi has to offer to brides. It’s the only one I showcase my work at.”

– overheard at Bridal Asia 2014

I visited on Monday, when the crowds had thinned and the displays had dwindled. At the entrance, I took out my cell phone and opened the Shopping Guide I’d written a few days earlier. With a guide in one hand, and a media badge in the other – I was ready to explore Bridal Asia and find the best of what it had to offer.

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Bride’s Guide to Trousseau Week 2013: Bangalore

Bride Guide to Trousseau Week Bangalore 2013

I just got back from Bangalore yesterday after an exciting 2-day trip to cover Trousseau Week!

Watching a fashion show live, and discovering new vendors at wedding exhibitions – are two of a wedding blogger’s favourite things. And that’s exactly what I indulged in over the last 2 days!

I went off to Bangalore on Thursday to cover Trousseau Week, which kick-started with a fashion show that very night. Designs by Kimaya, Chola and AS Motiwala were amongst the many on the ramp that night. But more on the show in a later post.

Right now, get ready for your very own personal tour of Trousseau Week!

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Vogue Wedding Show 2013: The Official Press Release

There are wedding exhibitions. And then there’s THE VOGUE WEDDING SHOW (VWS). This April, leading wedding experts will converge under one roof to help create magic at your luxury wedding. What is the Vogue Wedding Show? It is a specially curated exhibition featuring the most luxurious and personalized services in order to plan and prepare … Continue reading Vogue Wedding Show 2013: The Official Press Release

Visited Wedding Exhibitions? Call for Guest Posts / Co-Blogger

Have you attended a wedding exhibition recently? Bride & Groom, Wedding Asia, Vivaha or Wedding Bells? Are you planning on attending one in 2012? My trousseau shopping for Indian wear is more or less done. What that means is – I have stopped visiting wedding exhibitions for the time being. With so much pending on … Continue reading Visited Wedding Exhibitions? Call for Guest Posts / Co-Blogger