I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.

4 thoughts on “I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.”

  1. Hi! welcome back,
    such an useful post. I love these chand bali in the first pic from Rawat Jewels. I wont be able to drive up to Jaipur for these, would you know any jewelers (real or non-real) in Delhi that may have similar style ( eg: maheep kapoor chand bali)

    Thanks a ton!!


  2. Hi i have been trying really hard to locate somali gupta. I kept going through your site to find good designers to check out in Delhi, as i am there for 5 days starting friday! I would love to get in touch with somali gupta, i love her dhoti pants and kurtas, could you please let me know if she has a store or workshop in Delhi? how do i get in touch with her.
    Please do not say through pernia pop up shop, i would like something customised for me by her.


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