Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village #2: Ogaan

8 thoughts on “Trousseau Destination – Hauz Khas Village #2: Ogaan”

    1. They told me they’d alter is just from the sides. But for it to go from a Medium to a Small, it would need a lot more altering. And it was really surprising cos this is the first time I’ve come across such a silly rule. When I bought a similar anarkali angrakha style suit from Kapil & Mmonika, the piece was on sale and the price was even lesser than this Ogaan piece. They altered it from all sides to fit me perfectly. The tailor did such an impeccable job that it’s one of my favourite trousseau suits now. So it’s not as if other designer stores don’t give you that kind of service. Ogaan is the only exception. Well, their loss.


      1. True that. That is one ridiculous policy! I bought my wedding lehenga from roop sarees at south ex.. It was on sale too. They are altering the lehenga,getting more work done on the choli n dupatta AND stitching the choli. While the are obviously not a very high end store but the people there are so warm n courteous.. They didnt push me into anything and let me walk around in that lehenga for ages!!


    1. Aza is another multi-designer store – but the sales people there are really snooty. Not had a single good customer service experience till date, although I’ve visited multiple times.


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