TDB Loves: Shahpur Jat’s Abhinav Mishra & His New Collection

I spotted a lehenga online last year, and it stopped me in my (digital) tracks. It was everything I always look for in a lehenga – light, pretty, and reasonably priced. And it was marked as an Abhinav Mishra design. Who is Abhinav Mishra? And why hadn’t I heard of him?

A quick Google check showed his store was located at Shahpur Jat. Interesting, I thought, that there are still stores in Shahpur Jat I don’t know about. I’ve kept track of his work for over a year now, and watched him produce outfit after outfit that I’ve loved. Consistently. I wasn’t surprised when Pernia’s Pop Up Shop introduced his designs to their online store in June this year. In fact, it gave me the confidence to start recommending him to brides. Getting listed on Pernia’s, after all, is a mark of approval on a designer’s quality.

Last Friday, I finally made my way into his Shahpur Jat store to look at the clothes in person, and see if it lives up to the hype that has had a whole year to build up in my head.

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Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Delhi

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Anita Dongre Trousseau Destination DLF Emporio delhi bridal store

Trousseau heaven.

It’s been a 2 year love affair with Anita Dongre’s bridal wear, and I’m still repeating the same two words – trousseau heaven.

If you’ve been reading the blog long enough, you would’ve figured this out by now – I’m a huge fan. A kid in a candy store. Which is why you can understand why it’s been a very exciting August for me, to put it mildly Continue reading “Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Delhi”

Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Mumbai

anita dongre trousseau destination

Exactly a year ago…

…I was on a project in Mumbai. I had gone to Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel for an early bachelorette of sorts with my girlfriends from college. Don’t ask for the details, because you’ll never get them 🙂

Just when we entered the mall complex, the Anita Dongre bridal wear store caught my eye. And since I had started trousseau shopping already, I went in for a quick peek. Continue reading “Trousseau Destination: Anita Dongre, Mumbai”

Trousseau Destination: JADE

JADE by Monika & Karishma trousseau destination

JADE. The word makes me feel light-headed and dreamy. Because every time I hear it, I think of JADE, the store that I discovered shortly after my own wedding (my parents must be thanking their stars because if I had found it earlier, I would’ve spent what some might consider “a bomb” on my trousseau). And since I pinned that first JADE anarkali onto my Indian Suits board, I’ve been in constant love.

That’s the thing about JADE – constant. They’re consistently coming up with suit after suit that I absolutely love. And I am verrry picky like that. I’ll walk into one store and maybe like a single anarkali after rummaging through the entire place. So you can imagine my surprise when I couldn’t stop pinning pretty much every anarkali JADE put a picture of online. Could this be IT? Continue reading “Trousseau Destination: JADE”

Trousseau Destination: Janavi

janavi trousseau destination

When you think about shawls, what image comes to your mind? I’ll tell you what comes to mine-

“Dull shades, or unimaginative embroidery on slightly bright shades. Necessity to drape over Indian wear in the winter, but spoils the look of the whole outfit because you’re all covered up in it.”

What if I tell you I found the perfect place to buy shawls from? A place where the shawls are pretty, in bright hues, and are embroidered with such gorgeous work that they pair up perfectly with that sari of yours?

Let me introduce you to Janavi! I’ve spoken about them earlier Continue reading “Trousseau Destination: Janavi”