thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?

2 thoughts on “thedelhibride Asks… should Matha Patti & Nath not be worn by wedding guests?”

  1. I’m going to sound quite rude here but in my opinion jewels like matha patti and nath should not be worn to a wedding unless you are bride or the bride/grooms sibling. Like you said I don’t mind seeing mang tikka, hath phool etc…but pick one of these accessories..don’t just wear a whole bridal set.
    When I see others wearing things like that as a wedding guest it give me try hard and wannabe vibes.
    It’s almost the same as say going to a white wedding and wearing a tiara, a veil or white.
    It’s all in the name for fashion I guess 😉


  2. Hi, i feel its okay if the guests wear it – but it has to be in moderation – like if you are wearing a paithani saree to your good/best friends wedding you may wear an mahrashtrian nath to complement the look – but at the same time it should not be like you wear the nath and a heavy bridal set as well as an mang tikka and a jhumar. The same goes for mathapathi- its ok if the guests sport an modern matha patti like the simple gold chain one’s doing the rounds these days – but its not okay if they sport an sabya look to the wedding laden with a nath matha pathi n heavy earings n necklace.


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