The Big Fat Pregnancy Guide For Delhi Couples!

This is my first pregnancy-related post! I have TOO MUCH to share about my pregnancy days, but before I get into the tiniest of details of every single aspect, I figured a quick guide to all the services & stores I used (and LOVED) would help all the pregnant women in Delhi. The Local Resources …


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What I’ve Been Up To (Plus, Awesome Wedding Posts You Don’t Want To Miss!)

HIII! It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know a little bit about what I’ve been upto. But if you don’t, there’s so much to tell you! First – my daughter has grown from a newborn to infant to toddler! She walks, … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To (Plus, Awesome Wedding Posts You Don’t Want To Miss!)

On Losing & Lifting Weight | Sheena’s 10 Kg Transformation

Sheena runs Mogra Designs, one of my favourite online boutique stores. I have never thought of her as someone who was overweight, so I was surprised when I saw her post on Facebook talking about how she had reached an unhealthy size and had struggled to come back to her ideal weight. As I read through her weight loss journey, I realised she had gradually lost 10 kgs in 5 months the “right” way. She had found what form of workout she enjoyed, figured out what eating habits suited her body and not pressurised herself into losing it all too quickly. This was exactly the kind of fitness routine I wish everyone followed, especially brides to be! I have never believed in quick-fix methods and crash diets, and Sheena’s story was precisely the kind I am always looking for to share with my brides. Here are ALL the details of her 5 month journey, straight from Sheena’s keyboard 🙂

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On Marriage | Does Your Husband Help at Home?

This is a new feature on the blog where I will publish stories related to what comes after a wedding – the marriage and the relationship behind it. Everything from what makes a marriage work, to what the Indian wife faces at home is open to discussion. Feel free to send in your honest thoughts on marriage, about your experiences so that we can all freely talk about it and learn from it. I am happy to let you write anonymously so that you can share your personal experiences openly and without a worry.

Does Your Husband Help At Home?

Kanika* is a 26 year old from Delhi who is getting married this December. In the lead up to her wedding, she has been feeling anxious about how she is expecting for herself to transform from a driven career woman to a multi-tasking care taker of the home and office affairs with limited to no help from her husband-to-be. She wonders why she feels it is her sole responsibility to manage her new home while remaining a star performer at work. Continue reading “On Marriage | Does Your Husband Help at Home?”

Crushing on Candy Coloured Lehengas by Priyal Prakash!

Priyal Prakash is the designer kid on the block most of you wouldn’t have heard of. While she runs a small boutique in Shahpur Jat, her business is anything but small. Her designs are sold on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop and she is the go-to designer for all offbeat brides. If you love traditional, go on and skip this post. But if you’re looking for something different, she’s your girl.

When I had first seen a Priyal Prakash lehenga, it intrigued me. But I wasn’t going to put myself in it. It was for women with fashion-forward tastes, not someone like me. Then two years ago, I went roka shopping with my best friend to Shahpur Jat and we thought, why not try on a Priyal Prakash design and see how it looks. What a fantastic decision that turned out to be! Her lehenga looked drop-dead gorgeous on my friend, and I was converted to a fan for life. Priyal herself, of course, explains how her designs are not for every girl. Either you “get” her design aesthetic, or you don’t. I say – try it out on yourself, and there’s a good chance you will love it IF you’re looking for something that’s a breath of fresh air and unique.

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