Sangeet Songs: The Bride & Groom Dance

16 thoughts on “Sangeet Songs: The Bride & Groom Dance”

  1. I love Soch, when you are a Punjabi, you get the lyrics in the exact way they are meant and that is why I can totally understand your husband being so enthusiastic about it 😀 I think you guys chose great songs 🙂 but I think even ek mai aur ek tu would be mushy depending on couple to couple, ummm I hope I am making sense. 😛


  2. Every time I hear Soch song, I get little emotional. Its a beautiful song.
    Though our fav love song is Tere liye meri saanse from Ek Ajnabee, we danced on this song


  3. I was so happy to see your regular posts and now you’ve gone back into oblivion! Really enjoy your writing but don’t like the irregularity.. just an honest (albeit unsolicited) feedback!


    1. Always happy to hear feedback 🙂 best friend’s wedding just got done. And 2 more back to back weddings to attend. You can catch up on facebook till the next post, keep sharing stuff there!


  4. Hey! Getting married in 3 weeks and your blog has been super helpful! Thanks so much!

    Since I don’t actually live in India, it’s been incredibly useful to be able to review make-up, decor, etc contacts here and book things on the phone. In fact, I have been told I know more trade secrets than many of the brides in Delhi already 🙂

    I have decided to go with your advice on songs and we are doing Ek Main Hoon aur ek tuu. The only trouble is that we are definitely not the most pro-dancing type couple! Any choreography tips/ song steps that may have inspired you will be most helpful 🙂

    Thanks again and great work!


  5. My friend is planning to get married in a 2 months and wishes to have a Sangeet ceremony filled with much frivolous song and dance. I am given the tough job of choosing the songs and I chanced upon your web page when browsing the net. Your page helped me in choosing the right songs. Thanks loads.


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