Every Single Sangeet Video Out There From Shahid Kapoor’s Wedding

Updated with a longer dance video, AND SHAHID SPEAKS ON STAGE AT HIS SANGEET!

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput first wedding selfie

You’ve already got the low down on every single detail, picture and video of Shahid Kapoor’s wedding to Mira Rajput that took place in Delhi yesterday. In my last post on the blog, I shared everything I could find about the wedding so you didn’t have to go click click click to 20 different places to get all the Shahid wedding details.

As the day progressed, a surprising amount of information made its way onto social media and news outlets, especially considering this was a very private affair and everyone involved was being really tight-lipped about it. What us Shahid fans have loved most, though, is the videos of our hero dancing on his own Sangeet. We’ve seen him give some amazing dance performances over the years, but there’s nothing as special as seeing him act like a regular guy next door, dancing with his bride to be and family on his big day 🙂

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Sangeet Songs: The Group Dance

UPDATED with even more songs for 2016 Weddings!

Sangeet Songs- Group Dance songs for 2015

As the rest of us start to wonder how much longer we can pull off wearing the same anarkali over and over again with different shawls (is wedding season on in full swing or what!), brides all over the country are wrapping up last-minute preparations for their early 2015 wedding. Sangeet practices have begun in every city, and irrespective of which Singh (Honey or Arijit) you’re a fan of  – the Sangeet is your favourite function. Well, unless you’re my husband and dread having to dance with complete strangers who you’re forced to call family three nights in a year. (Right? Righttt?)

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Sangeet Songs: The Bride & Groom Dance

UPDATED with even more songs for 2016 Weddings!

Sangeet Songs Bride & Groom Dance

You may have heard that my best friend is getting married. With just over a week left to her Sangeet, dance practices have been on in full swing. One of the things we’ve had trouble deciding has been – the bride and groom song. Both of them are a little shy about performing with just each other on stage. And solo songs? Forgetaboutit. So I tried pitching a few songs to them that are not super mushy and romantic – maybe they would be more comfortable doing a cool/cute song with no ballroom dancing involved? Then I realised – hey! I have a whole list to share Continue reading “Sangeet Songs: The Bride & Groom Dance”

Rohit Bal at India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

thedelhibride Rohit Bal IBFW 2013

Dramatic. Fun. Go big or go home. That pretty much sums up the Rohit Bal show!

But before we get into the details of the clothes & the show, here’s another mini-story about…

How I managed to give you live-updates at the jam-packed show with so many people blocking my view

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Wedding Wardrobe: Sahiba

Wedding Wardrobe Sahiba trousseau

I first saw pictures of Sahiba & Jitin’s wedding on Photo Tantra’s Facebook page, and couldn’t help but fall in love with the bride! From her natural looking makeup, to classy jewellery and beautiful wedding outfit – she makes for a perfect inspiration for brides to be. I wanted to feature her on my blog and so I got in touch with Photo Tantra and eventually, the bride herself! Sahiba was really sweet and shared plenty of details about her wedding to help out fellow brides. Have a look!

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