Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

11 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!”

  1. I wish 2015 is magical !! You see I am big believer of magic (not the poof!! There is rabbit in the hat kinds) but the kind very even little things are worth a million smiles .
    I hope to have so much fun this year that it can become my new record that I would want to break each year .


  2. Hi Shinjini! A lot of what you wrote touched a chord with me, i used to the editor of my school / college journals practically all through my academic career and now if i need to write something I’ll probably be staring at the blank page for a long long time. I love your “wedding blog” for the reason that its equal parts wedding and equal parts blog. I love your writing which seems straight from the heart and not one of your posts that I’ve read seems like something just put together in a hurry and posted for the heck of it, which is really admirable! I just hope you will continue writing (with a bit more regularity!), I for sure will continue even after I’m married! Good luck for the year ahead!


    1. Vasundhara! I feel so much better after reading what you have to say 🙂 thank you!!! Hugsss! I do NEED to write more, because its what makes me and keeps me happy. I always, always try to take time and put in effort for every single blog post. I’m so glad somebody noticed!!! 🙂


  3. Wishing you a year full of inspiration and writing. To be honest I dont have a wedding to plan and stumbled onto your blog via a friend… but I enjoy your writing so much that I continued to read it regularly… keep up the great work xxxx


  4. I strongly recommend you to go and sit at the Haus khas village fort–and find a spot there which overlooks the Deer Park lake…sit comfortably, with your laptop and I believe there is a strong possibility you may just find your sense of peace and inspiration right there!!! All the best..;)
    Oh and a happy new year too..:)


  5. I’m in the exact space as you are when it comes to writing. I cannot explain it in words. I have so many posts in drafts but I dont feel like posting unless it is perfect. I try to answer my reader queries as soon as I get them. Even the Arabian sea is not helping me 😛
    Keep writing Shinjini! Probably that will help me 😉


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