On Losing & Lifting Weight | Sheena’s 10 Kg Transformation

12 thoughts on “On Losing & Lifting Weight | Sheena’s 10 Kg Transformation”

  1. A bit confused here.. So the IIFYM plan is what worked for her eventually ? On a diet of 1200 kcal? But 1200 kcal is crash dieting ! It’s too little calories for anyone other than probably a 7 year old kid !! The recommended daily calorie allowance for a woman with an active lifestyle is at least 2000 kcal. So the way I see it , she’s starving herself and definitely not giving good advice ..

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    1. It’s not crash dieting. I eat breakfast, lunch, a hearty dinner and snack on fruits all day! In fact I am eating more than ever, the only thing changing is that it’s not loaded with sugar. Try tracking with MyFitnessPal and you will notice the change. I don’t use it anymore after using it for 2-3 years because I have an idea now about the food I eat. I am a vegetarian and From being a picky eater, I have started actually eating awesome helpings of veggies and fruits. I eat a lot of chocolates and desserts too! I also work out very similarly to her and I see a difference in my body. 15 min cardio and weights. From being a girl who couldn’t run for a minute, I do 5K runs, bike challenges, the best hike trails in US.


      1. Ohh also, 1200 Calories depends on lifestyle. For sedentary office jobs/IT etc,, 1200-1400 is okay. If you are a salesperson, or are super active, the number obviously goes up. I am a mechanical engineer who gets on the field a bit so I eat accordingly. And I NEVER starve myself. I love food and eating out too much. It’s almost a hobby. 😉


    2. 1200 is way too low, especially if you’re working out. Right now, I’m at a drastic cutting phase and I use IIFYM (log everything in myfitnesspal) and I’m still eating 1400(mind you this is for extreme fat loss), sometimes I eat 1600-1800 depending on my hunger levels and I’m a vegetarian, so I eat lots of vegetables on a daily basis. There’s actually no way IIFYM could’ve suggested to eat 1200calories.


      1. Aah, interesting! Maybe it depends on age, BMI, body fat % too? When I tested IIFYM now and some other programs few years back, they all mostly suggested me to eat 1200-1400 calories. IIFYM actually suggested 1400 in normal course and 1200 if I want to cut fat.
        Thanks for sharing.


  2. Loosing weight and gaining the perfect body tone is every womens desire. And its always good to see these kind of inspiration to be fit no matter what.


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