My Second Karva Chauth: In Pictures

16 thoughts on “My Second Karva Chauth: In Pictures”

  1. You looking so so pretty even more than your wedding like a cute littlee girl..and i love you hairstyle girl and also d best part was d least makeup which is makin you look all the more beautiful..muaaah


  2. You’re adorable! Also, yes, I did notice the eyeshadow and you applied it so well! Usually whenever I have attempted the pink shadow…it looks like I got punched in the face lol.

    Loved reading about your experience. Btw, is coconut water and juice allowed during the fast? I’m punjabi but Sikh so we don’t do this.


  3. You’re looking cute here! 🙂
    It was my first Karva Chauth, and I had to wear the attire I got married in. Since I’m a Bihari, I wore a yellow saree for the marriage ceremony, and a beautiful lehenga for the Jaimaal. So, for Karva Chauth, I wore my sunny yellow saree. 🙂


  4. Hey you look like a very pretty 🙂
    yes i did notice your eye shadow and dude if thats how stunning you look after putting on a lil weight..i’d say hold on to it 😉


  5. You look so adorable in your lehenga … the colors on the lehenga look vibrant in day light… and suit you so beautifully… lovely post..



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