We were in Cosmo, HT City, Harper’s Bazaar & Wedding Times!

11 thoughts on “We were in Cosmo, HT City, Harper’s Bazaar & Wedding Times!”

  1. Wow, congratulations!!! You totally deserve this and so much more! You do such detailed posts and you make sure you respond to everyone and you’re such a sweetheart! It all counts! So happy for your success! Wish you many more to come in the future! Also, what a wonderful name!


  2. Hi Shinjini….. many many congratulations….i have read every single post on your blog…. and I am mighty impressed with your writing ..I can say I am an ardent fan of yours …. i love your wedding lehenga sooo much …its is absolutely stunning…. when i get married (hopefully soon) your blog will be my go to guide and i hope you will help me out in times of crises… keep up the good work!! congratulations again!!


      1. I will certainly do that ..thanks. it is amusing but you are like my soul sister…my style statement, chamki hatred and some fundas of life are identical to yours.. I am a corporate lawyer based in Delhi ..would love to connect.


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