Full Scoop on the Virtual Wedding Show (Contests, Celebrities – all included!)

6 thoughts on “Full Scoop on the Virtual Wedding Show (Contests, Celebrities – all included!)”

  1. In such case attire made of velvet can help you in such cold season. Silk and other materials like chiffon and Georgette does not help you to protect in winter.


  2. If you have to wear traditional….. then go for something in velvet fabric…. as its getting cold in delhi then you should go for fabric that keeps you warm or you can pair up your traditional outfit with pashmina stall or you can go for western outfit with cute blazer or crop jacket. But please wear something that keep you warm as I am also from delhi I know this time winter in delhi is at its peak point….. at least for me because I starts shivering due to delhi’s winter….. lol…..


    1. i am in Canada right now in -30 degree C weather with heaps of snow outside my house! My own personal little iceberg! but still I find Delhi cold! lol


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