The Best Bridal Entry Songs: Updated!

The Best Bridal Entry Songs Updated

I thought the perfect bridal entry song was already out, and I knew exactly what to recommend to girlfriends getting married. But yesterday, The Wedding Filmer released such a beautiful new song, and after listening to it on repeat 25 ok 50 times in 24 hours like an obsessed person driving my husband crazy with it, I realised – it’s time for an update to the list! Yes, it’s a whole LIST of recommendations now. Which is great for brides getting married this year, or the next, or any time after today – basically. They don’t realise how lucky they are! I got married just 2.5 years ago, and all I had was ONE option.

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10 Secrets I Learned at The Wedding Filmer Workshop + A Giveaway Worth ₹10,000!

You can find out when the next workshop is happening here – you can register at the same link, and get date and venue details as well.

The Wedding Filmer Delhi workshop review #ClassroomOfLove

I’m a HUGE fan of The Wedding Filmer’s work. I’ve said it before, I’m getting tired of saying it, but I will still say it again for the benefit of those who have been living under a rock the last 3 years – they’re the best wedding videographers in the world. THE BEST. No doubt about it. So last year, when they decided to hold their very first workshop, I knew I had to attend it. They were going to teach Delhi-ites a thing or two about creating world-class wedding videos, or “films”, as they like to call them. I took a seat, crossed my legs…and my fingers. I was hoping this workshop wasn’t all-hype-no-content. What if they didn’t actually reveal any secrets? Was I just wasting a perfectly good September evening?

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Giveaway: Win a Pass to The Wedding Filmer Workshop in Delhi!

***This contest is closed. Winner announced at the end of the post.***

giveaway win free passes to the wedding filmer workshop in delhi

The Wedding Filmer needs no introduction on this blog. I love what they do, and hope that every bride gets a wedding film that’s as full of love and beautiful memories as the ones that TWF Team makes.

But I have always wondered – what’s the secret behind all that magic they create on-screen? Is there a secret sauce? Don’t deny it – you’ve wondered too. Hoped you’d be able to crack that formula, that makes each video created by The Wedding Filmer – special.

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The Perfect Bridal Entry Song

thedelhibride bride entry song

Every bride wants to make an entry on her wedding day to the perfect song. Din Shagna Da is the perfect song, on every girl’s list. Honestly, if you’d asked me a year ago, I would’ve said “Ummm, doesn’t every bride enter to that song these days? It’s so over-done.” But I agreed to enter to that very same song on my own wedding day, because that’s what my mother wished for. She was so smitten with the song, that I didn’t have the heart to say no to it. I got a lot of things my way for the wedding, but this was one thing that belonged solely to my mother Continue reading “The Perfect Bridal Entry Song”

Entwined in Movie Magic by The Wedding Filmer

I was going to put up the Reception post today, but while I was going through my Facebook feed, this video caught my eye.

A creation of The Wedding Filmer, this video will tug at little strings in your heart you didn’t even know existed. It’s the trailer of a wedding video, of two sisters who got married on the same day. And how the story of their life led them to this – their wedding day.

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