Discount on PrettySecrets

Remember when I was looking for decent nightwear to buy before the wedding? I had come across this online store – PrettySecrets, which sells everything from lingerie to night wear to swimsuits! Recently, they’ve added dresses and t-shirts to their collection as well. Since Women’s Day is around the corner, they’re selling everything in their … Continue reading Discount on PrettySecrets

Where to shop for swim wear in Delhi

where to shop for swim wear in delhi

Are you heading to a beach for your honeymoon? I am! Living in Delhi, most of us don’t have appropriate beach wear. And if there’s one thing you’ll definitely need for your honeymoon trousseau, it’s a swimsuit! Whether it’s a one piece or two piece bikini, you’ll need to know where to shop from in the big, bad city of New Delhi. Continue reading “Where to shop for swim wear in Delhi”