Bridal Beauty Lessons from Namrata Soni’s Masterclass: Exclusively for TDB

Ask me to list out the best bridal makeup artists in India, and Namrata Soni is the first name that will come out of my mouth.

If you’re wondering “Namrata who?” then you, my dear friend, have been living under a rock. Namrata Soni is THE celebrity makeup artist, who is responsible for Sonam Kapoor looking fabulous at every major and minor event. She makes everyone from Nargis Fakhri to Twinkle Khanna look amazing and sophisticated, and it’s no wonder brides will kill to book her for their big day.

Naturally, when we had bridal makeup and beauty questions, we got Namrata Soni to answer them. Only the best for you, my brides!

THAT’S RIGHT. Step aside, Sonam. Namrata is ours this week.

*Security looks about ready to throw us out*

Ok ok, give us 30 freakin’ minutes with her, will you?

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Beauty Review: New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology

You’re a bride to be. Your wedding date is closing in. In the mad rush of completing your massive checklist, you forgot all about the multiple-facial-sessions you were supposed to “begin 6 months prior to your wedding.” NOW WHAT?!

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you’re willing to spill some serious dough (think, 20k plus), you can make your skin wedding-ready in under 1 hour. NO JOKES.

What is this thing that makes your skin look great in under 40 minutes?

A facial.

It’s no ordinary facial, mind you. It’s the New York Facial. Done under the care of Dr Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology.

Beauty Review New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology Delhi

When the team at Lumiere contacted me offering a session of the NY Facial back in January, I was skeptical, to say the least. You know I’ve only ever gotten 2 facials in my life before this (both during the run up to my wedding in 2012), so I’m not one to experiment Continue reading “Beauty Review: New York Facial at Lumiere Dermatology”

7 Lessons from the Bobbi Brown Master Class

7 beauty tips from Bobbi Brown master class

I attended my first ever Master Class, of any kind, this September. It was hosted by Bobbi Brown, and that class single-handedly changed my life beauty routine!

So you know I’m an absolute novice when it comes to skin care and makeup. I only began to learn when it was time for me to get married, so that’s a whopping 1.5 years of total beauty experience 🙂

I was really excited for the Master Class, because I sure could use a few tips! And of course, Bobbi Brown has a reputation for creating products that suit the girl next door who likes natural Continue reading “7 Lessons from the Bobbi Brown Master Class”

Bobbi Brown arrives in India!

Bobbi Brown
Have you seen this smiling face before?

Who is Bobbi Brown? What’s the big deal?

If you’ve read up on anything makeup-related on the Internet, or ever seen an English makeover reality show on TV, you must have seen this face. It’s Bobbi Brown – one of the most famous makeup gurus in the world! And she’s opened up one of her retail stores right here in India – at Select City Walk mall in Delhi! Continue reading “Bobbi Brown arrives in India!”

July Wedding Updates – Less than 100 days left to the wedding!

I realised I haven’t given you an update on my wedding in quite some time! I’ve been trying hard to gather information relevant to fellow brides and myself, but this blog started off as a place to write about how my wedding planning was progressing – so today’s post is going to be all about that! … Continue reading July Wedding Updates – Less than 100 days left to the wedding!