Best of Wedding Asia 2015: With Photos!

I have visited a handful of wedding exhibitions in the past, but had always missed out on Wedding Asia for some reason or the other. Not this year, though. Wedding Asia was scheduled into my planner weeks in advance, and I really wanted to go see if there was anything worth visiting for.

And just like all the other wedding exhibitions, Wedding Asia is another great one-stop shop for discovering wedding designers and jewellery makers from all over the country. Heading in at 11 am is always preferable, because most exhibitions start to get really crowded and cramped for space after 2 pm.

This time around, my team and I were not able to go through every single stall, but we still picked out the best of what we did see. These were some of the note-worthy vendors we did come across –


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I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.

Notes on Bridal Asia 2014

“This is the best wedding exhibition that Delhi has to offer to brides. It’s the only one I showcase my work at.”

– overheard at Bridal Asia 2014

I visited on Monday, when the crowds had thinned and the displays had dwindled. At the entrance, I took out my cell phone and opened the Shopping Guide I’d written a few days earlier. With a guide in one hand, and a media badge in the other – I was ready to explore Bridal Asia and find the best of what it had to offer.

Did my favourite designers have outfits I would love this time around? Who had an entirely new collection? Which ones would disappoint? And which new names would I discover I loved today? Continue reading “I went to Bridal Asia 2014. Here are my notes.”

Wedding Wardrobe: Shubhi

wedding wardrobe shubhi cover photo kavita vanita mehendi anarkali lehenga

Shubhi had the kind of wedding dreams are made of – a destination wedding in Jaipur!

She got married last December during a two-day wedding affair at Le Meridian and Fairmont, Jaipur. Her courtship period was quite short, which meant limited time to plan the wedding. Her mehendi function was planned to be a small, cosy affair of 50-70 guests. But as it happens so often in Indian weddings, it ended up being a 250-300 people function! Shubhi had not planned for an outfit that would be apt for an occasion of this size, and with limited time on her hands, she couldn’t possibly head out and look for a whole new outfit. So she did what every smart bride does Continue reading “Wedding Wardrobe: Shubhi”