On Marriage | Does Your Husband Help at Home?

This is a new feature on the blog where I will publish stories related to what comes after a wedding – the marriage and the relationship behind it. Everything from what makes a marriage work, to what the Indian wife faces at home is open to discussion. Feel free to send in your honest thoughts on marriage, about your experiences so that we can all freely talk about it and learn from it. I am happy to let you write anonymously so that you can share your personal experiences openly and without a worry.

Does Your Husband Help At Home?

Kanika* is a 26 year old from Delhi who is getting married this December. In the lead up to her wedding, she has been feeling anxious about how she is expecting for herself to transform from a driven career woman to a multi-tasking care taker of the home and office affairs with limited to no help from her husband-to-be. She wonders why she feels it is her sole responsibility to manage her new home while remaining a star performer at work. Continue reading “On Marriage | Does Your Husband Help at Home?”