thedelhibride Asks…How to Eat Healthy post Wedding

After reading this article on 7 Ordinary Ways to Be Healthier, I remembered something I had forgotten within a few months of my wedding – my mother had stopped keeping things like Nutella and Chocopie and Cheeselings around the house because I would gobble them up at God-speed since I was a teenager and of course, that’s extremely unhealthy! As the first point in the article states, just don’t keep junk food around the house and you’ll automatically find yourself reaching for that banana instead of a chocolate bar. However, since I’ve gotten married – there’s been an abundance of these foods around the house. And of course, my first instinct was to say “take it all away! don’t keep this in the house otherwise I will become seriously obese and have clogged arteries!” (my mother always threatened me with clogged arteries every time I asked her for another round of oranges and fresh cream) But that is a senseless kind of demand. Just because I completely and utterly lack self-control when it comes to my favourite “bad foods” doesn’t mean the whole house needs to suffer – it should be around the house for whenever someone wants to munch on something yummy, and also for any guests that arrive unannounced.

thedelhibride Asks…Eating Healthy

But the problem I’m facing is – how do I learn some self-control? I’m honestly terrible with it – nobody was in the house the last 2 days (they’d gone on a short trip) and I managed to clean up an entire bottle of Nutella, and all the fruits and yoghurt and cucumber/tomatoes/eggs were left untouched. Continue reading “thedelhibride Asks…How to Eat Healthy post Wedding”

A Bride’s Diary – “Ours was a love marriage”

 Before I introduce today’s guest blogger, I wanted to introduce a new series of guest posts. Called “A Bride’s Diary”, these will literally read like uncensored pages straight out of a bride’s diary. Miss M kick started the series with her straight-from-the-heart post on pre-wedding thoughts. My cousin sister, Ankita, our guest blogger for today … Continue reading A Bride’s Diary – “Ours was a love marriage”

Middle of June Wedding Updates – candid photo, meet & greet options, and honeymoon fighting!

What a waste of a weekend. I’ve been really sick since Friday night – “acute gastroentritis”, the doctor called it. All my plans of going shopping for lehenga options have been thrown into the bin. As they say, “man proposes, God disposes”. Wedding workout has also been nil last 10 days. Well, since I have … Continue reading Middle of June Wedding Updates – candid photo, meet & greet options, and honeymoon fighting!