thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3

thedelhibells sydney aka honeymoon part 3

Read Part 1 & Part 2 to know how we began our honeymoon journey with Karva Chauth & a trip to Gold Coast.

We landed in Sydney at 8 AM and headed straight for the hotel. The check-in was uneventful, for which I was truly grateful. Yes, we’d requested an early check-in in advance! Lesson learnt! The hotel was nice Continue reading “thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3”

thedelhibells: Gold Coast aka Honeymoon Part 2

thedelhibells honeymoon part 2 gold coast australia

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can catch up with it here before you move on to read Part 2.

Day 2 in Australia. My husband and I woke up early to get ready for a day of touring Gold Coast. We threw open the curtains, and what revealed itself was a very pretty view from our room! Continue reading “thedelhibells: Gold Coast aka Honeymoon Part 2”

thedelhibells: First Karva Chauth

If you’re new to the blog, start reading thedelhibells series from here. This is post #12.

thedelhibells first karva chauth

I know, I know. You are expecting the Honeymoon post. I began writing this with the title “thedelhibells: Honeymoon” but the story of the first 48 hours of our honeymoon is so intimately tied up with Karva Chauth, that I can’t possibly talk about it without mentioning this first. You know me, I must give you ALL the details and so – here’s the story of my first Karva Chauth. Continue reading “thedelhibells: First Karva Chauth”

I’m getting married NEXT month! Wedding Planning Updates for August

Miss me much? Work kept me working far too many hours, on far too many days. Any-hoo, let’s keep the work talk aside and get back to business – wedding planning updates! This is how far things have progressed: Invites Paper cards: Will place final order today – finally! I know, I’m late. How? Apparently, … Continue reading I’m getting married NEXT month! Wedding Planning Updates for August

Honeymoon destination, bling, bachelorette & watercolor invites

Update time! Yes, it’s been fairly long since I wrote anything here. This is what I’ve been upto: 1. Honeymoon Sure about the destination – Australia! However, fiancé is delaying making bookings with travel agent. I believe it’s about time now, right? Shouldn’t the itinerary be decided by now? Why am I the only one worried … Continue reading Honeymoon destination, bling, bachelorette & watercolor invites