A word about lehenga shopping & wedding vendors

A word about lehenga shopping and wedding vendors

A classmate of mine from school is getting married soon, and asked me where she should go look for a lehenga. I told her the names of a few stores in Chandni Chowk, Shahpur Jat, and a few other areas of Delhi. She visited a particular store in Chandni Chowk this week, and came back to me with this –

“These are some issues I faced-
1.guard doesn’t let me take my handbag inside the shop- says it’s too big? What? Really? I’m going to steal a Lehenga in a tote? Okay! So after arguing, I leave it there taking out my precious stuff.
2. The shop is empty, being a wednesday (Oct 15)
3. A guy on first floor asks us what do we want, I shout.. Bridal. He says come up
4. My mom( with knee troubles  yet braving Chandni Chowk with me) and I climb up and the guy asks us rudely- do you have an appointment? I say..excuse me? And lo- he tells me… We don’t show any lehngas without appointment. And turns away. Showing no interest, not asking us politely to wait or telling us a process to take an appointment or basically any concern for a customer who was ready to spend a good amount of money in your shop. We left and that’s that. So, shouldn’t they advertise this somewhere? Outside their shop maybe? Or before ppl climb up a flight of stairs?” Continue reading “A word about lehenga shopping & wedding vendors”


Wedding Planning 101: How To Get Your Dream Lehenga in Your Budget

indian wedding planning 101 how to get my dream wedding lehenga in my budget

If you’re a bride to be, you’ve probably been through this (or are just about to) –

Walk into the 15,291st store because you still haven’t found the perfect lehenga. Browse the racks uninterestedly (you’re exhausted for God’s sake!) when suddenly – it’s as if your fortunes have turned, and the heaven’s above are shining down on you (cue: spotlight on the lehenga as you take it in your hands) – could this be IT? The right colours, the right design. Oh. em. gee. It’s beyond perfect! You quickly ruffle through the layers of can-can and 24-kalis to find the price tag.


You’re left gawking. You dump that piece of garbage of a lehenga (case of sour grapes?) and walk out of the store. Never to return…


Let’s rewind that last bit, shall we?

You’re left gawking. BUT, but, but. You’re a TDB reader. And if this lehenga is not WAY over your budget (let’s say, it’s INR 20 to 30,000 over what you wanted to spend), you know how to afford it because you’ve read this post! After a quick chat for customising the lehenga, you pay the advance and in a few weeks time – you own your dream wedding lehenga! *high five!*


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Wedding Planning 101: You Will Land Far From Where You Began

indian wedding planning 101 #1On 3rd March, 2012, I wrote a post on the beginnings of planning my own wedding. I spoke about a variety of things that were already done from the to-do list, and what else I needed to do immediately. I read this post today, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how sure I was about what I wanted, and what I was going to do. Little did I know, things turn out so different from what you imagine at the beginning of wedding planning. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Continue reading “Wedding Planning 101: You Will Land Far From Where You Began”