31 thoughts on “Magazine”

  1. Hi

    Read the magazine. Really good stuff!

    I think you can make it better, by actually pasting the stuff inside the links, instead of putting a link to the posts… That way, it would make a great offline read. Plus anyone can just print the entire issue and keep it handy for useful stuff!

    Happy Goa btw! (so jealous!)


    1. Glad you liked it Richa! The reason why I’ve provided the links is so that in case any one is interested in reading the full thing, they have the option of going to the link (instead of googling it and trying to figure out where I got that piece of info from). It would not be fair for me to copy-paste whole articles that someone created with a lot of effort directly into my magazine, unless I got their permission for it. Anyway, thank you for your feedback. I will consider taking permission from some of them 🙂 And even try putting in additional details if it’s possible!
      And yesss! Can’t wait for Goa! 🙂


      1. You could maybe copy/paste and also provide the link!?

        Yes, taking permissions would also be great! It was just a little in convenient to read the magazine by copying/pasting all the links you provided.

        Otherwise great great effort!


  2. Loving ur website 🙂 am in a wedding environment 1st a cousin and me gearing up, ur doing n awesome work, the photos makes me drool over and wanna attend some1s wedding right now ! Cheers 😀


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