What I’ve Been Up To (Plus, Awesome Wedding Posts You Don’t Want To Miss!)

HIII! It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know a little bit about what I’ve been upto. But if you don’t, there’s so much to tell you! First – my daughter has grown from a newborn to infant to toddler! She walks, … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To (Plus, Awesome Wedding Posts You Don’t Want To Miss!)

Quick Getaways for Couples In & Around Delhi | How I Celebrated My First 3 Anniversaries

I’ve been married for 3 years. THREE YEARS!

It’s been pretty amazing. Often, it’s been even more amazing than I imagined it would be. Obviously, everyone has their share of fights and differences, and I am glad to report that no life-shattering discrepancies and disagreements have shown up in 3 years of co-habitation. Phew! We both seem to have settled well into our unique Couple Rhythm (everyone has them) and while we are still figuring out “how to be good at marriage” one step at a time, we’re pretty calm and content most of the year. Which is the ultimate marriage aim, isn’t it? Calm & content, honey, let’s just focus on remaining calm & content.

While we have many-an-anniversary that passes every year (first time we met, the day he asked me out, our engagement), we choose to celebrate one with more than just a passing “Happy 5th January!”

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thedelhibells: Singapore aka Honeymoon Part 4

This is the final post in thedelhibells: Honeymoon series. Catch up with Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 if you’ve missed them, before you move on to the post below.

thedelhibells Singapore aka honeymoon part 4

My husband & I left for Singapore the next morning after breakfast. We lost a couple of hours to the time difference, so by the time we landed it was already dark. The 2 hour flight delay didn’t help either. We reached our hotel at 11.30 pm, tired and hungry. So I quickly ordered for dinner in the room, and while we unpacked for the 3rd & last time on this trip, I made it amply clear to my husband that I wouldn’t be able to (read: flat our refused to) get ready at 8 am the next morning for the city tour. It may also have had something to do with the fact that I’d visited Singapore on a family vacation many years ago, so I decided I’d rather sleep in than end the honeymoon on an exhausted note.

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$159 Giveaway: BattleTrip Honeymoon Helper!

Click on the image to view full-size picture
Click on the image to view full-size picture

**this giveaway is now closed**

You’ve been following the blog religiously, leaving comments and words of encouragement along the way. I love talking to all of you, and I secretly believe that I have the best blog readers in the world!


But sometimes, words are not enough. Sometimes, a giveaway worth $159 (that’s almost 10,000 rupees!) says thank you in a way that words obviously can’t 🙂

This giveaway is brought to you by BattleTrip. First let me tell you what the prize is all about (it’s a new concept, so you’ll want to read the details carefully). And then, the big question gets answered – HOW CAN YOU WIN THE GIVEAWAY? – at the end of this post Continue reading “$159 Giveaway: BattleTrip Honeymoon Helper!”

thedelhibells: First Karva Chauth

If you’re new to the blog, start reading thedelhibells series from here. This is post #12.

thedelhibells first karva chauth

I know, I know. You are expecting the Honeymoon post. I began writing this with the title “thedelhibells: Honeymoon” but the story of the first 48 hours of our honeymoon is so intimately tied up with Karva Chauth, that I can’t possibly talk about it without mentioning this first. You know me, I must give you ALL the details and so – here’s the story of my first Karva Chauth. Continue reading “thedelhibells: First Karva Chauth”