thedelhibells : Prologue

It’s been two months since THE wedding. My wedding. “Our” wedding (still getting used to saying “us” instead of “me”). Time has passed by a lot quicker than I had imagined, and here we are – over two months since D-day – and I haven’t written a single post about the actual wedding. Until today, … Continue reading thedelhibells : Prologue

A Bride’s Diary – “Ours was a love marriage”

 Before I introduce today’s guest blogger, I wanted to introduce a new series of guest posts. Called “A Bride’s Diary”, these will literally read like uncensored pages straight out of a bride’s diary. Miss M kick started the series with her straight-from-the-heart post on pre-wedding thoughts. My cousin sister, Ankita, our guest blogger for today … Continue reading A Bride’s Diary – “Ours was a love marriage”