An Adorable Wedding Card

A boy worked at a firm in the big bad city. A small-town girl with big dreams in her eyes joined the same firm and they fell in love at work. The happy ending to their love story? They’re getting married!

And to add to that happy news, the groom-to-be got a designer at an ad agency to create an adorable comic-strip like wedding card for them, that depicts their cute love story.

Have a look, and tell me how much you adore it!

You’re Invited to My Wedding! Print Edition

I always knew I didn’t want a typical wedding card.

Of course, that meant many, many more hours being spent on the card than anticipated. At one point of time, I think my mother just wanted to scream at me “Why couldn’t you just pick one of the available samples and change the wordings?”

To be honest, I didn’t even visit the actual shop in Chandni Chowk where the card was designed. It was my mother and sister who spend hours there designing it. The card guy was quite enthusiastic because he’d not had a customer who wanted something fresh and new in a long time, and he quite enjoyed the whole process of designing something completely different from a traditional Indian wedding card.

Of course, I had done a fair amount of research on the kind of things I wanted – such as pinning my favourite designs on my Wedding Invite Pinterest board and googling “wedding invitation card wordings“. But other than that all I did was give instructions – “I want watercolors” and, once the design was in place, go back Continue reading “You’re Invited to My Wedding! Print Edition”

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