Be Grateful To Stop Feeling Sad? What A Load Of Bulls**t

5 thoughts on “Be Grateful To Stop Feeling Sad? What A Load Of Bulls**t”

  1. Agh. Typo. Sorry.
    THANKS for sharing this. Talking can be the best medicine. But everyone is different so for some people they might feel better in other ways like going for walks or even taking time off work.


  2. I can relate to “You will question if anyone loves you anymore. You will feel lonely…………… can you tell anyone what you’ve been hiding for so long?”

    Although I am not married yet but I know what does it feel like! It happens because of the difference in our and our close ones routines.When your friends have moved on to the next don’t realize it but you are actually feeling alone and different.

    I d love to know if you have been able to fix it?


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