Wedding Wardrobe: Anasuya

11 thoughts on “Wedding Wardrobe: Anasuya”

  1. Hii .. Being a malayali, m happy to read the first ever malayali wedding featured in ur blog nd the bride luks absolutely stunning 🙂
    But a little correction if u dont mind. Not all malayali Brides wear karala saree during the wedding ceremony, instead most of them opt for kancheepuram silk sarees. Kerala sarees are usually worn after the main function in some castes or the day before wedding.


  2. All her looks are so inspiring, I have taken lots for notes for my sister’s and my future weddings! Can you find out where she got the extra embroidery on the kasavu saree ( cream and gold) done from? I have never seen anything like it.


  3. Love her looks! Simple yet elegant. I for one am tired of seeing Sabyasachi everywhere and love it when brides design their own looks. Thanks for featuring this!


  4. During wedding ceremony in NAIR wedding groom after tying nupital knot present bride with Kerala saree and girl changes to that .otherwise Kerala saree is worn during temple wedding .she may be malayali but other than Kerala saree nothing closely resembles malayali wardrobe or wedding rituals .


    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! I believe even within a specific culture, there are minor and major differences between how different families chose to perform rituals. This is probably how this particular bride and groom’s families do it 🙂 and yes, of course, only the wedding ceremony itself was specifically “Malayali” – rest are simply elegant as any other wedding!


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