Dear Newlywed | Lessons from my 3-year-old marriage

7 thoughts on “Dear Newlywed | Lessons from my 3-year-old marriage”

  1. Not married yet but this is fantastic! You write so well and this one comes straight from the heart and that’s the best part. Beautifully done 🙂 Big hug, Devika


  2. Almost 2 years down now and we’re like a pair of friends on a sleepover every night . We work all day , chat and share notes about our day , bitch about people , snuggle in the same blanket with our favourite chicken and television soap . In all the ups and downs that we face , what doesn’t change is THIS. The comfort level we have around each other and the happiness of feeling your best when doing nothing with the one you love.
    Your words are a reinforcement. Thanks

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  3. Very nice article, being a guy i was making my gal understand all these points. She used to understand and i used to think ‘all is well’ now, next day same old story.
    Today, i wish her all the happiness in her life, this is what i can do max sitting on sidelines.
    Very beautifully written author.


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