10 Essential Tips on Planning your Destination Wedding – By A Groom!

4 thoughts on “10 Essential Tips on Planning your Destination Wedding – By A Groom!”

  1. I haven’t seen any groom thinking so much about planning a destination wedding. I am damn sure these tips will surely make sense to someone who is looking for a perfect wedding.


  2. Hey Shinjini,
    Huge fan of your blog since forever, but have been observing for the past few months that there ain’t any innovation in the topics anymore that you choose to pen down your thoughts on.
    I know it’s a wedding blog, but you can only write so much about wedding and wedding shopping and wedding exhibitions.I really used to look forward to your posts but now just give them a miss by reading the topic.
    You documented your writing so well but everythings’s being repetitive now
    Sorry for the long post.Please ignore if Offended you in any way.


    Your fan.


    1. Hi Rachita, I completely appreciate your honesty! And I have wondered in the past myself – if it’s been a bit of OD on wedding fashion. But I constantly feel like there’s still so much more to share, and sometimes even if there’s a topic my heart’s not in anymore completely, I feel the need to share the information I do have because brides might benefit from it. I remember feeling so lost during my own wedding planning phase, I keep trying to share as much as I can so that hopefully there’s a bride out there who is helped out by another piece of info 🙂 This has now culminated into mostly a wedding blog, and therefore it’s all about weddings. But I totally get where you’re coming from. I have had a ton of other ideas, but honestly – wasn’t sure whether to implement on them or not. With your blessings, will be more flexible in the topics I choose to share here 🙂 Please feel free to write in with any ideas you may have! Once again, thanks for the feedback. Always appreciate it!!!


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