5 Modern Mehendi Outfits Under 25k

5 thoughts on “5 Modern Mehendi Outfits Under 25k”

  1. Hey! Absolutely love the eshaani jayaswal top and nitya bajaj skirt! Im a January 2016 bride and I’d love to buy it, however I googled it, and could find it being sold only at pernias. Could you please help me with where I can find this in Delhi!!

    Super thanks in advance!


    1. Hey Aditi! Nitya has a store in Shahpur Jat, and Eshaani is a Kolkata-based store. They sell in Delhi via Aza, but I just asked them and they said they don’t have any stock there right now. Might come back in stock at Aza by September. Your best bet right now would be Pernia’s Pop Up shop, or wait till an exhibition.


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