5 Reception Outfits under 50k!

5 thoughts on “5 Reception Outfits under 50k!”

  1. All the lehengas are dazzling!
    About receptions, well they’re a tradition that may not be undone at some marriages. In my place, Bidai takes place shortly after feras. The bride and groom are formally introduced as man and wife at the reception which is hosted a few days after the bidai to overcome the exhaustion from long drawn nuptials. The bride and groom then leave for the bride’s place where they’re expected to stay for a few days.
    Traditionally, it also demarcates the financial involvement of bride’s and groom’s family. While Wedding Feast is arranged by the bride’s side, the expenses of Reception Feast is borne by groom’s family.


  2. I love the Aastha Narang dresses. So dreamy. I was a “free/priceless” reception bride, I wore my mother’s old and heavy banarasi with real silver woven into it. It was so heavy, I could barely move 😛


  3. Astha’s mint lehenga.. would love to wear something like this on my wedding (bored of reds & pinks) 😛
    Also, Prathyusha Garimella’s pristine white masterpiece. Absolute stunner. ❤


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