Part 1: The Story Behind This Photograph | Shonan & Adesh

9 thoughts on “Part 1: The Story Behind This Photograph | Shonan & Adesh”

  1. That picture is mesmerizing! Such a beautiful moment captured.
    It’s great that the vendors communicated and helped each other. They both benefit from each others services as well as being able to provide the best possible outcome for the bride 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more of this wedding!


  2. Hi,

    1st of all what a awesome post with the possible intricate details…simply loved de way u have broken it into parts almost feels like a script from wedding card to bridal showers to brij holi theme mehendi…i am just awe…it just feels to good to read a post of this 1st thing in morning…


  3. Loving this series, Shinjini! Such a unique wedding in SO many ways – glad you’re covering it in such detail. I hadn’t heard of the ‘brij holi’ concept earlier but thanks for highlighting it! Interestingly enough, Shonan was a senior of mine at school so this entire series is a rather fun and insightful read 😛


  4. Omg… That is so Beautiful..I’ve always felt Joseph radhik and his team are like really good at capturing emotions and I’m a hugee stalker of all their websites and pages… And though I’m still too Young to even think of marriage…I know I’m having them For my wedding.. … And thanks shinjini for writing stuff that brings our notice to unique and interesting concepts…I’m a South Indian haven’t heard of this Brij Holi.. Ever… And that picture is so mesmerising…


  5. Amazing Story! And A beautiful capture.

    Do you guys know if they actually rent out Madhuli Gardens? I heard it’s an invite only accessible venue. It would be great to know if you can actually rent it out for such occasions.


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