The Tale of Ten Surya Namaskars

14 thoughts on “The Tale of Ten Surya Namaskars”

  1. This is so refreshing to read. I feel I am in a similar position to you..just 2 months away from turning 27 and 2 weeks til my first wedding anniversary.
    I haven’t changed much appearance wise but I feel so tired all the time and that definitely can’t be healthy.
    Yoga is wonderful for many reasons and my favourite is that when I am practicing yoga – it is solely about me.

    Beautifully written 🙂


  2. Hi Shinjini,
    I can understand what you want to say. U know they say, half of the work is done when you dont worry. U will achieve what you want. I have heard really good stuff about day I should try it too.
    I have a similar kind of story too (but the laziest one I guess hehe). I got married last year (March 2014). I think I got much lazier day by day. I couldn’t fit in the clothes from last year (how scary!!) and was suffering from back pain as well. After my wedding, I was really in stress as I was writing my masters thesis and preparing for defense exam. And I would always eat more and care less about my health during stress period. I knew I was doing wrong all those months. I was such a health freak earlier. What happened to me! I kept on thinking that I should start working out..from tomorrow..and it kept going on. This is the first year of my marriage and this is how I am spending it. No excuses when it comes to physical and mental health. So from December end, I started working out and I must say, I really felt relieved on the first day when I went out for running. I can see some positive changes in my body already.

    Keep updating us about how you feel after going back to the healthy routine. Take care darling! 🙂


  3. Hiii,
    It is really the motivational thing I read today. Because I am suffering from the same problem. And evey day I feel like I will start from tomorrow but that tomorrow never came yet. And I know the pain of not getting fit into your clothes. It hurts too much. You write truly that in adjusting in new environment and place you just forget to take care of yourself. And it’s been difficult to continue those healthy habits. But inside you know whatever is going on is not good for you but you just go with the flow.

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful thoughts.
    And best of luck in the journey of being healthy and fit. You will achieve it soon.

    Regards ,


  4. Hello
    I was cursing myself when I woke up at 6.30AM to pack my husband’s lunch and didn’t go back to bed. Instead I made my bed, changed into workout clothes and hopped on the exer-cycle in the cold, chilly living room.

    If you see me, you’ll know I DEFINITELY need it. And for so many years, I just turned a blind eye. This post and the picture was a true inspiration. It tells me I am not alone and I am not foolish. Thank you for this post 🙂


  5. Hey…. I think I remember reading that you had Bharat Thakurs artistic yoga trainers before Ur wedding..are you still with the same trainers?? How much do they charge ??


    1. Hey, yes this is someone who has trained there but freelances now. Bharat thakur charges 15k per month for personal classes, with a 5k increment for every additional person. Better to call them at home if you have 2 or more people doing class. Works out to a better rate.


      1. Thanks a lot for the help… I’m new to Hyderabad, any of the readers can suggest a personal yoga trainer in Hyderabad… Thanks a lot shinjini for being so real and inspiring. 🙂


  6. Hey…I have been going through the same thing 🙂 Can you please suggest a trainer name in Delhi. Thanks in advance!


  7. Whoaa always speak my mind. Currently in the same phase as you. But I have no valid excuse..I can’t blame the in-laws, the movies- freak hubby, the work.! I brought it all upon myself- By Gorging day and night homemade food..cooked by my own two hands. It breaks my heart when I don’t fit into my XS and S. I refuse to buy M. 80% of my clothes are useless now. I keep thinking of day I’ll be back to my former self. Skinny is my former self..Skinny is me. This is not me and this can’t be real. That flab on tummy is the worst dream ever. But I’m trying. I go pilates, swimming and occasional running. What I lack is the consistency. The last I ran was a month ago and its frustrating that I’ve put on the weight again in this one month. Back to square one! Couldn’t life be a bit more easier? Why was the food made if we can’t eat it? Gosh! That was a good blabber.


    1. Hahaha! I was just thinking this same thing the other day! Why does such delicious food exist if not to be eaten? :p I refuse to buy larger size clothes as well. I want to fit properly into the pants I bought just last year! And I will. Not giving up! Have you given it a thought though – what makes you irregular with working out? What’s the thing that keeps you away from consistency?


  8. So inspiring ! I am 28 and unmarried ! I used to be a size 4 or I still am in my head ! I have put on weight around my tummy and I recently started to purchase clothes which are size 6 . And then I realised that if I don’t take control of things now … I may as well forget fitting into my clothes. I have been experiencing back pain and lethargy !!
    I have gone from running marathons to looking like a muffin!
    This New Years I will gift myself health and a good trainer ! I will fit into my old clothes and be more active .. Now let me just roll back and go eat some chips and wait for the 1st 🙂


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