Clinique Giveaway: Exclusive Invite to Trousseau Bridal Service and a Gift Bag

31 thoughts on “Clinique Giveaway: Exclusive Invite to Trousseau Bridal Service and a Gift Bag”

    1. This is a great contest 😀 Getting married in Dec and really looking forward to the results. For me the 5 beauty essentials are-

      1. Cleanser, Toner and Gel/ water based Moisturizer with SPF pack
      2. Primer and concealer
      3. Kajal/Mascara
      4. Blush cum highlighter
      5.Lip balm/gloss

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  1. Hi Shinjini,

    Big fan, getting married April next year and like you, a typical kajal + lip balm girl 😉
    And from whatever I have learnt so far from all the blogs, this is what I think are the five must haves:
    1. Cleanser
    2. Moisturizer(with SPF)
    3. Foundation
    4. Kajal
    5. Lipcolor

    Will be looking forward to looking results :):):)



  2. My bridal trousseau box has to suit my personal style and taste. The ideal box would include
    1. Everyday lip colour
    2. The perfect mascara
    3. A great concealer
    4. My favorite eyeliner
    5. A nice blush for that peachy glow


  3. The five most essential beauty products that need to be a part of bridal trousseau are:
    1) cleanser
    2) toner
    3) moisturizer
    4) liner/kajol
    5) lipcolor

    Sonal Bhagria


  4. Hi..
    I must say.. M a very recent follower of the blog… Of course as am nearing to my marriage.. It becoming one of the most useful and knowledgable things to read.

    The essentials for me as I look into my office bag would be

    1. Cleanser
    2. Moisturizer ( serving as face, body and hand cream)
    5.lip balm/lip gloss

    That forms my daily essentials!

    Looking forward to more posts ..
    Thanks ! 🙂


  5. Hi! the five bridal must haves are-1. primer 2. concealer/foundation 3. eyeliner/eyepencil 4. lipshades- peach, pink and red 5. mousturizer


  6. Hey
    I am getting married on 8th feb 2015 and as my friends call me, i am the crazy one. Since i had alot of time to build up my trousseau, i have literally been having my bridezilla. I have shopped from literally every market in Delhi, tried alot of cosmetics as well. Restricting myself to 5 products only is a HUGE task for me, i have almost everything (& used up alot already in order to try it 😉 ). So here are my five basic makeup essentials:

    1. Primer to hold up my makeup (oily skin makes it a must for me).
    2. A mousse (i can avoid compact if my mousse is light and water proof, i double it up as eye makeup base too if i dont have an option to buy one)
    3. kajal pencil (which can double up both as a kajal and a liner… I prefer black for intense look).
    4. A lipstick with a lil gloss in it… (Sumthing in a light shade which can be worn through the day and night)
    5. An highlighter (preferrable gold or copper, it helps me improve that night look. Also, doubles up as eye highlighter/shadow in emergency)


  7. Hi,
    I am feeling very excited to participate in this contest as I am getting married on 15th December, 2014. My five beauty essentials are:
    1) BB Cream
    2) Kajal which can be used as eyeliner too
    3) Coloured lip gloss
    4) Cleanser which is mild on skin
    5) Toner which makes my skin refreshed

    Hoping to win.. 🙂


  8. Hi Shinjini.. I think the Ideal Trousseau Box should comprise the below:

    1) Cleanser; Toner & Moisturizer (Considering them as one, as your daily skin routine would e incomplete without any of these)

    2) Favorite Lip Gloss

    3) Kohl

    4) Foundation/ Tinted Cream

    5) Favorite Fragrence


  9. Hi Shinjini,
    I am a bride-to-be and after reading hundreds of reviews and trying out hordes of products, I have finally made up my mind about my makeup trousseau. Now listed here are the five products which I feel are absolutely essential. I’m including only makeup products and not skincare products like face-wash, moisturiser etc., as they are absolutely necessary for everyone.

    1: FOUNDATION. I feel that good base makeup makes or breaks your look. so a great foundation which exactly matches your skin tone is a necessity.
    2: EYELINER: Kajals and eyeliners open up the eyes and are essentially an indispensable item in an Indian bride’s beauty box.
    3: LIPSTICK: Whether it is a true red, a bold fuchsia, or an everyday nude, lipsticks are a must-have.
    4: PERFUME: Every girl needs to have a fragrance which she can call her own, whether it is a subtle floral scent or a bold woody one.
    5: MAKEUP BRUSHES: All the expensive makeup you buy deserves good brushes to apply it. You think you don’t need makeup brushes, but once you start using them, there is no going back.

    So this is my list of what I would suggest every Bride-to-be to have in her makeup box. 🙂


  10. Hi DelhiBride,

    I ❤ your blog 🙂
    My big day is in April next year. I had been gifted a few Clinique products by my in-laws recently and they are just awesome! Really look forward to their Bridal Trousseau Service. Like you, I am essentially a kajal+lip gloss girl. Only recently I learnt how to apply eye liner 😛 Hope to learn a lot more soon!

    Here I go with the 5 beauty essentials in my bridal trousseau box:
    1. Moisturizer
    2. Cleanser
    3. Kohl pencil (which could double up as eye liner)
    4. Basic lip color shades & a healthy lip balm
    5. Foundation


  11. Hey! This is such an awesome chance being offered!!
    Well, I’m getting married on 15th Feb. Below are the 5 beauty essentials I feel I need in my bridal trousseau –
    1. Sunscreen
    2. Concealer
    3. Eyepencil
    4. Lip colour-pink/ coral
    5. Nail colour & remover

    Hoping to be a lucky delhite!
    Radhika Arora


  12. Hi,

    I am a big fan of your blogs and following them as I am getting married this year in December. I believe 5 beauty essentials one need in the bridal trousseau box are as follows:

    1. Makeup Cleanser
    2. Toner
    3. Moisturizer+Sunscreen Lotion
    4. Cream Based Compact (that gives you coverage)
    5. Eye Pencil and Lip Color


  13. Hi Shinjini,

    This is the perfect time to have this post as I am just too close to my D-Day. My wedding is on 2nd December and like every bride-to-be, I am very nervous about the trousseau. I have always been a kajal and sunscreen girl and the jump that is expected of me is really high. I am hoping to win this contest as that will act as an “Entry Pass” for my journey towards makeup. According to me, the 5 products that are really essential for me are-

    1) A primer- This is the most important product for any girl as a perfect base is a must. It will make the skin smooth, even, and prepare it well to accept the makeup that will come forward.

    2) Compact- Since I have very oily skin, a compact is a must for me. It will keep the shine away and give a nice natural even tone.

    3) Kajal- No look is complete without a kajal. My eyes are by best asset and the kajal enhances them even more. I CAN NOT move out of the house without it.

    4) Lipstick- We think that lipstick only works on lips, but with this one product, we can have more uses as well. A lipstick can also serve as a cheek tint to complete the look.

    5) Finishing Spray- This is one product that every girl should definitely own. The spray keeps the skin well hydrated and also keeps the makeup in place. It is a blessing in winters when even very oily skin like mine becomes dry due to cold winds.


  14. My trousseau-bridal should include the basic but most essential items. That can be :
    1. Serum : For perfect hairs, as I have a long length.
    2. Blush : wink wink, the most important one
    3. Eye Liner : For Perfect look of my eyes.
    4. Mascara : For perfect feel.
    5. Lip Gloss : Be ready for kiss lips 😉


  15. If I had to pick just 5, I’d go for those items that take care of my face in totality without leaving any aspect/feature incomplete. My go-to items would have to be:

    1) BB cream with SPF (takes care or moisturizing, mild concealing and Sun damage)
    2) Kohl
    3) your everyday lip color- pink/peach/red
    4) a pigmented shimmer brick – for mild color along with a little glow (vary the usage depending on day or night)
    5) a moisurizing cleanser


  16. HI Shinjini 🙂 Have been reading your post for some last six months & find them amazingly good.
    Five beauty essentials in my bridal trousseau would be:
    1. Cleanser
    2. Moisturizer
    3. Kohl
    4. Lip Color
    5. Nail Paint & Remover
    …And m done!!!



  17. hi, this blog is awesome <3. My D-day is in jan 2015, i really find this blog very for my bridal shopping. I want to shop for everything from head to toe like lehnga, bridal footweras, bridal clutches handbags, bangles, chooda, kaleere, anarkali suits accessories aaahh n many more. i'm sure u can help 🙂


  18. Shinjini,

    My D-Day is right here (Nov 30), and the lip balm+kajal girl in me is going to put my 3 months of research to some use here 🙂 My 5 top items would be:

    1. Moisturizer+Cleanser
    2. Foundation customized for my skin
    3. High impact maximum length mascara
    4. Eye Shadow
    5. Long lasting lipstick best suited for my skin color


  19. Hi Shinjini,

    Love you Blog. It has really helped me in preparing for my upcoming wedding on 14 Feb, Thanks a ton 🙂
    I have read lots of reviews on net and I tried innumerable products, which has taken a toll on my skin (so really looking forward to the results ,fingers crossed 🙂 ).

    5 essentials according to me are:
    1) Cleanser: Keeping skin clean is essential so cleanser is a must for daily use
    2) BB Cream: Nourishing skin is as necessary as cleaning it ,BB Cream can work well as serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sun block. All in one 🙂
    3) Kohl: a dark one which can work as eyeliner too.
    4) Lip colour: I prefer a Light pink or a peach one , goes with most of the dresses and good for office too.
    5) Eye shadow: my fiancé just loves them 😉 🙂


  20. Hi..
    I must say.. I am a very recent follower of the blog… Of course as am nearing to my marriage.. It becoming one of the most useful and knowledgable things to read.
    The essentials for me as I look into my office bag would be
    1. Cleanser
    2. Moisturizer ( serving as face, body and hand cream)
    3. Compact
    That forms my daily essentials!
    I’m including only makeup products and not skincare products like face-wash, moisturiser etc., as they are absolutely necessary for everyone.




  21. Hi..

    Big fan of yours 🙂 Since my sister’s wedding now within few months am also getting married..don’t know much about make Up but for me or a simple girl I think these will be 5 beauty essentials I feel I need in my bridal trousseau –

    1. Cleanser : First thing before I use any makeup on my face I use it
    2. BB cream : If I have this I don’t think I need Concealer or foundation
    3. Khol : I use it as eyeliner also
    4. lip color : mostly I use pink and peach shade ( also work as blush or eye shadow ) 😉
    5. perfume : its must for me I feel fresh and complete with it 🙂

    That’s all 🙂

    Thanks much love :* XX


  22. As life takes into new phases, I being a ‘only’ kajal and balm girl is now enjoying the ‘make you feel nd look’ good products with lovely colors and aromas.
    I believe the 5 things that really make my beauty section are:
    1) a mild face wash and mild moisturizing cream
    2) smoothening base and cheek blush
    3) a kajal
    4) nourishing lip color or a colored balm
    5) a mild make up remover


  23. If it is asked for the 5 essentials/most important only,i would name the following for my bridal trousseau box :

    1-a make up base
    2-a concealer.
    3-a lipstick
    4-a kajal &
    5-a blusher

    Binish I. Zuberi.


  24. Hi Shinjini,

    I just came across your blog a few days back.I am getting married on Feb 11,2015 and by far this is the first place where I have found such useful information at one place.Keep it up.

    Well, the five makeup musthaves every bride should have are :

    1, 2 and 3 Kajal , Mascara and eye pencils in matte and glitter in shades like sea green and turquoise blue.Eyes are considered the windows to the soul. Thse help in highlighting the eyes. They can be used to create a wide variety of looks for day and night.
    4. Lip Stain : This helps give a long lasting colour and can be used as a cheek tint as well.
    5. A good quality foundation helps in providing a flawless look to the bride.

    Fingers crossed.


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