Giveaway: Win a Pass to The Wedding Filmer Workshop in Delhi!

14 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Pass to The Wedding Filmer Workshop in Delhi!”

  1. Hey

    I am a fashion media student and I absolutely love weddings. I have a passion to celebrate relationships. I love the work of the wedding filmer and would really get an opportunity to attend their workshop to understand just how they capture the essence of the weddings so beautifully. :’)


  2. I want to enter here on my husband’s behalf. An industrial engineer from Georgia tech then a Wharton MBA, he has picked up the camera for me – a fashion, wedding and travel blogger. Such is his dedication that he has continued to teach himself the nuances in addition to his own business. Now we’ve embarked on the journey of making videos – of fashion styling sessions, events like Swarovski’s style your way to Paris, and recording a pre-bridal video, talking to friends and family of different couples – people that we love. Sadly, we’re completely out of our depth here. Very few people can spend a substantial amount to get a wedding video made. We want to reach out and record small videos – full of love and passion as they embark on a new journey to give them a sweet something to remember this part of life by. And so, I hope the Husband gets to this workshop and comes back armed with more knowledge and more ideas to make more dreams come true 😀


  3. Hey guyssss….

    I want to captureeeee moments from my wedding on my ownnnn….

    Ineeeeeddd … Absolutelyyyy neeeeed this paaaaasssss!!!!!!


  4. Hi Shinjini

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now..i’ve been into wedding photography for about a couple of years and 80% times when i meet the brides (clients),discussion of your blog happens over a cup of coffee. Really good work and keep it up.

    I’ve a pretty decent wedding photography portfolio on
    and would really love to attend TWF’s workshop in Delhi. One of the reason’s is that i’m a big fan of their work(not only being a fan/follower, I would love to create movies like them in the coming future). Leaning the basics from the experts, how to plan a wedding film and how to really make it happen. Learning and not doing is a crime i believe.

    Would absolutely love to win passes for TWF workshop. One never knows one workshop can change my perspective and life and i’ll be owe a big thanks to you as well.



  5. hi shinjini,:)just love your blog , great information and ideas not only from delhi but you covered jade from mumbai too i really missed your blog when you were away for your journalism course ,love to have you back….coming back to the work shop i have been a great fan of the wedding filmer since i saw their work for kanika gandhi and devrath sagar wedding in goa couldn’t get that song “din shagna da chadiya “out of my mind for days would keep playing it again and again. it would be a great opportunity to learn from them, a few weddings coming up in the family in dec what better gift could i give to the bride to be to take with them from their parents house that they could cherish forever …i was thinking about making their pre wedding film …lots of love and best wishes


  6. hi shinjini, have been following your blog and love work girl.!…when a lots of girls are hesitant to share their wardrobe secrets, love the fact that you are helping the girls not only by covering delhi but mumbai too (i loved your coverage of jade in mumbai)

    i have a passion for photography and my sister in laws wedding is in dec, just love the work of “the wedding filmer “since the day i saw their work for kanika gandhi and devrath sagars wedding . the song “din sagana da chadaya “still echoes in my mind

    it would be a great opportunity to learn from them as it would be awesome if i could cover the pre wedding functions in the family with their style and provide the bride with a gift she could cherish all her life
    thanks for providing such an opportunity and keep up the good work lots of love and best wishes xoxo



  7. Hi,

    Great news , I would love to attend the workshop as my own wedding is just few months away and nothing better than capturing those moments yourself.


  8. I am a MAKE-UP expert from JAIPUR ,have a salon by the name SUNDRA BAINS UNISEX SALON and I want to capture the moments of my Bridal make ups by myself in the form of pictures to make a COFFEE TABLE BOOK . Its my dream to create some amazing collection hope my dream will come true 🙂


  9. Hi… I’d like to win this pass for my brother Ritesh Matlani…. He’s an aspiring film director and has completed a four week course in film making from the Prague Film School…

    I got married in June this year and he was the sole reason everyone had a blast and everyone still hasn’t stopped talking about my wedding… The Sangeet, rooming and logistics were all handled by him… And now he’s busy working on my wedding film.. He sits with the team that shot the wedding and is help in with the edit to ensure the wedding film comes out just (or maybe more) amazing as the wedding.. My younger sister is getting married in February.. I think this workshop with The Wedding Filmer is totally going to help shape his career and I’d love to make this Delhi trip happen for him (we are from mumbai but I would make all arrangements for his travel and stay).

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Regard s


  10. Hi Shinjini!
    I am not a photographer or videographer and I have no intention of getting married in the near future but still I was not able to dodge The Wedding Filmer magic! They don’t just capture moments but also the emotions which I feel is awesome. People have their own reasons to attend the workshop like them using the tips n tricks for their career or may be their own wedding but I would want to use the knowledge gained in this workshop to express my perspective or just capture the beauty of everyday life through videos or photographs. With no fancy cameras in hand and no such work experience in this field, I’m still hoping to win and see the world through a happy lens!


  11. Hi,
    Im just a beginner in wedding filming industry..
    Learning cinematography from 2years.. THE WEDDING FILMER is the only reason im into it, just love their work. Their each film motivate me. I have a collection of all of their films from wedding vows to the road less travelled and want to make films as lovely as their ones.
    I really want to attend their workshop in Delhi, but its a little expensive for me.


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