Vendor Review: MUA Supriti Batra

10 thoughts on “Vendor Review: MUA Supriti Batra”

  1. hi, first of all – thanks for the awesome review, i just loveeeeee the delhi bride!….
    and secondly-how much does the MUA charge as the bridal package?


  2. Hello TDB,
    Her make-up is indeed beautiful. But, her red with golden lehenga it is even more beautiful. Since she is your cousin, can you share where did she shop this beautiful ensemble from ? Also, if it is alright, how much does it cost ? It can be of some use for us, as we have big event coming soon in 4 months time.
    Also, since you have so much info about MUA. I have a Q for you, either you or any enlightened MUA in your camp can comment on this. Any inputs from readers will be very helpful.
    If an MUA says, she can give a new hairstyle – JUST HAIRSTYLE within 30 minutes (post phere and pre-reception time break), How realistic is this ? Is it really possible ?


      1. Thanks TDB. Really looking forward for the pictures. You left us guessing – hmm, how will the lehenga/skirt look like ? I hope to see the lehenga also among those many pictures. Also, her pink halter blouse looks very elegant solely due “made to fit” reason. Often times, the tailor blews up halter blouses and makes it look atrocious. Will be waiting to know about that wardrobe also.
        Also, I am glad to know that bridal hairstyle can be done in 30 minutes. So, I think with your well versed words, we will go ahead.


  3. Hi, I simply love your blog and esp these reviews are so helpful! However, I would recommend you do a review on one of the makeup artists I came across a few months ago on my friends wedding. She is by far the best I have ever seen and trust me, I have seen a lot of them! Her page link:


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