thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3

14 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Sydney aka Honeymoon Part 3”

  1. Finally ! Had been waiting so long to hear (oops i mean read ) all about ur Australian honeymoon. Loved your write ups about ur honeymoon. I think the way u write, u can bring liveliness to a monotonous story as well. Some how i find ur style of writing very similar to Chetan Bhagat’ of my fav writers 🙂
    Anywhoo, one thing which is really bothering me is the cold wind in Australian beaches when u went for ur honeymoon there. I am planning to honeymoon in Australia in the end of Nov’13 and am all about warm weather and beaches and that is one of the reason we ditched Europe bcz i just cant tolerate cold winds during my honeymoon period at least! All this while i was under the impression that Australia will have nice warm weather during the month of Nov/Dec but after reading ur posts i feel like its more chilly then warm. Is it true? When exactly did u go for ur honeymoon? Was it not warm enough to lay down at beaches ? I am now a little apprehensive about my dreams of warm weather, beaches and water sports type of honeymoon in Australia. Any inputs frm ur side will be really helpful. 🙂


  2. Dear Sanjhini, I really liked the candid way in which you have written about your experiences through the 4-5 days of the wedding, down to the minutest details. I am wondering, how your engagement must have been, since it is indeed one of the very first ‘marriage ready’ ceremony. have you written about your ‘roka’/ engagement? if not, can you share your experiences from that event??


  3. That was a great read! I just came across your blog and I am enjoying your posts

    One correction: That is a Koala, not a Panda (unless this was an inside joke or sarcasm that I missed lol).
    Also, damn man, you should have gone to Taronga Zoo, the Kangaroos there are clean lol. I think you went to Featherdale Park? Blue Mountains is never the place to go. I don’t know why every single tourist demands to go there. I always avoid it.
    There is good Indian food here but on showboats, I don’t know if any of the restaurants do catering there which is probably why you had that experience. You guys could have also tried the Bridge Walk. Did you at least walk across the Bridge? Sorry, I’m a Sydneysider who tries to ensure people get to see the good stuff here.

    Also, to Bhavna Singh, you’re coming this year Nov? It’s already quite hot. We’re experiencing a lot of bushfires this year. Much earlier than when the bushfire season starts in summer. So, yeah, the weather will be warm for you. If you plan on going to Cairns and all, it’ll be warm anyway.


    1. Oops! Yes, that’s indeed a Koala! Have no idea why I wrote panda :p corrected it now!
      While I had limited control on my honeymoon itinerary, I’m sure other people will benefit with reading your comments here 🙂 Hope they are able to cover more of what Sydney has in store!

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  4. Hi, Loved reading your Brisbane and Sydney trip and the way you had described all the thoughts. Can you help me out with places to must visit in Sydney and Brisbane and Gold Coast as we are also planning to go there on our honeymoon in September.

    You may reach me at

    Thanks a ton in advance!


  5. Hi, Great post..I loved the way you have mentioned each and every detail about your trip. I now need your help in planning my honeymoon to Australia.

    We are traveling to Australia for our Honeymoon (Melbourne – Gold Coast-Sydney) during the 3rd week of December! Can you help me with details such as the weather and the kind of clothes I should carry. Also, do you think Blue mountains is a must visit as we have booked the Showboat cruise the same day (which starts at 7:30 pm) for dinner. We are not a great Wildlife fan, but still donot want to miss on things considering that Blue mountains is the main sydney attraction (I think!).

    You can reach me at

    Thanks & Keep Rocking!



    1. Hey Sakshi, weather was pleasant when we visited in early November, but slightly chilly. Seems like you’re visiting at a time when it will be hot. Blue Mountains can be given a miss – nothing super duper amazing.


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