thedelhibells: Gold Coast aka Honeymoon Part 2

14 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Gold Coast aka Honeymoon Part 2”

  1. finally its here !!! 😛 had been waiting eagerly for this post since such long tym 😀 it ws nice … and ben n jerry ice creams are really temting me (mouth-watering) o.O ‘ll hv to get baskins and robbins instead 😦 so u ppl went on some other beach in th waters or not ?? 😀 so excited to knw!!! good tht u ppl got to sleep so much 🙂 😉 haha …me and my guy are waiting for the tym when v ‘ll b married and ‘ll get to b together so that v could spend our day doing nothing and just celebrate laziness together 😀


  2. Love reading ur posts!!! Eagerly waiting fr d nxt one!! Sydney!!!! Yayzz!!! Btw post pictures of ur outfits naaa!! Day 3 cudnt figure out wat were u weaing!! 🙂 love tdb…:-D


    1. 🙂 honestly, I didn’t much thought into my outfits during the honeymoon. Just threw on a pair of shorts and tshirt/top on most days. I’ll still do an outfit post if enough people want it….!


  3. Thanks TDB 🙂 this is super helpful! I am doing the exactly same places as you so this is so useful. I am already taking notes, yay!


  4. You didn’t miss out on anything by not going to SeaWorld! Wait, you didn’t go to WetnWild??

    Hahaha and the water gets warm once you’re in it! I’m surprised Gold Coast was chilly when you guys went there last year. It was the end of Spring and almost Summer. Ah well, my consolations lol


  5. you are a really very cute bride….and your writings are so attractive as it does not have any fake words to potray the situation better……<3


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