Top 10 Looks from Madhuri Dixit’s Trousseau

24 thoughts on “Top 10 Looks from Madhuri Dixit’s Trousseau”

    1. There was another one I liked- the black(I love black too) and gold lace one.. I found it really elegant n appropriate for most occasions..


  1. Love the post!!Peppermint Diva retails at AZA and Fuel in Bombay, my SIL wore a gorgeous Red,Blue & Gold lehenga from PD for my reception.

    I met Arpita while looking for my mehendi outfit (finally went with Masaba), she’s really good, but I found her a bit repetitive with the mirror work. I absolutely LOVE Nikasha ( I wish she was in Bombay!!) & Shehla Khan.


    1. Thanks for the info on PD! And I love Arpita, Nikasha and Shehla Khan’s work as well! Maybe that’s another reason why I loved what Madhuri wore so much, because she wore so many of my favourite designers!


  2. I really liked the coral anarkali (#1) and the fuchsia saree with green blouse (#10). I think more than her clothes, it’s the accessories (the earrings and the bracelets) than stand out and complete the look. And her make-up is pretty much perfect!


  3. I had been following the show n i so loved madhuri’s look in almost all episodes 🙂 (and Kapil’s on-screen wife’s too 😉 wow thats y i love your posts so much coz i hv a similar taste as u :D) loved the black embroidered blouse … she was wearing a similar red with heavy gold embroidered blouse at IIFA also this year!! no idea where to get it but i really want it for my sisters wedding coz any plain chiffon saree in a pretty colour would go with this blouse 🙂


  4. These sure are gorgeous outfits. But are you sure they are from her trousseau? They look recent creations to me. Wasn’t she married way back?


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