Vendor Review: “Elements” Decorator

10 thoughts on “Vendor Review: “Elements” Decorator”

  1. Oh My God..The decor for every function is MIND-BLOWING 😀
    The fact that the decor was so different for each function is much appreciated 🙂
    The color pallet is also well chosen 🙂 And it’s so intriguing to see how even the minutest of details are taken care of..Lust Worthy ❤


      1. Oh my god!! everything is just so pretty and colourful!!! Would you know where is this venue? what is this place? I am getting married Dec 2014. (just got engaged this Jan 🙂 and your blog helped me a lot with all the planning 🙂 )

        Please let me know about this venue.

        Thanks a lot


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