Vendor Feature: The Wedding Design Company

15 thoughts on “Vendor Feature: The Wedding Design Company”

  1. amazing post.. i have been following this company on FB frm past 1 year and I must say they are my fav wedding planners as of now. but its a disappointment that they do only few weddings a year.


  2. I’m in the midst of finalising the decor for my wedding and pre-wedding functions and believe you me, it’s amazing how all decorators have similar designs. There will also be a few designs that are EXACTLY same!

    I have seen exact same designs of about six of the pictures you have posted this weekend! I think it’s just about finding the right person to do your venue decor, finding them at the right time and at the right price.


    1. Hi Sonika! I agree, you can find a decorator who will give you a pretty decor in your budget. But companies like WDC are trend setters – these pictures are not exactly brand new, and a lot of decorators follow them to get ideas on what’s new in the wedding decor world 🙂 That’s why eventually what one company does ends up getting replicated by many other decorators.


    2. Hey Sonika, as TDB said, reputed planners cant and wont replicate designs unless specifically asked by client. At the same time, industry is small with common tent, flowers and light people. Somewhere it does gets duplicated or inspired in better words. Also, not always we want to experiment in weddings with an offbeat theme or offbeat colours. We tend to play safe for d day with similar designs and colour themes rather then personalizing as the couple.
      Would love to see some offbeat wedding theme ideas as well which works within the budget at some time.


      1. Agree with you all! But it’s quite difficult for me, as a customer, to really understand who’s the original one and who’s copying, or getting inspired. I, as a crazy planner and super quality conscious person, may investigate or spend time to personalise and customise my wedding decor, but I’m sure my folks will lose patience and would like to play safe. And when we see so many people showing similar designs, we just tend to bend towards the more cost-effective ones! 😛

        I wish there was more respect for creativity. That said, some of the designs, that I haven’t seen before and are posted here, are FAB! Cheers:)


        1. it will get evolved with time.. with so many information on internet, brides are surely gonna devote some time to actually customize the wedding.
          If your planner is ready to infuse your ideas and just not keen on selling what they have in-house, you might want to go ahead and consider them.
          To get the right planner is a tricky part. I read it somewhere, “for every bride there is a unique planner who can satiate her vision”. The trick is to find that one. 🙂


          1. Wish I had time to discuss my ideas with the decorators. Have so much in my mind, but at the moment just going with what they’re showing me and trying to keep my inputs as minimum as possible. Less than 20 days left for the wedding and we just got started with the hunt for decorators! 😛

            *fingers crossed*


  3. I love the ninth bubble with the mandap in yellow and the gaddis for people to watch. Love Love Love. How costly are they? (Even a range will do)


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