Wedding Wardrobe: My Sisters

14 thoughts on “Wedding Wardrobe: My Sisters”

  1. sisters are the best!!
    My baby sister looked stunning! and I wanted her clothes to have some element of mine.. so the embroidery on her mehendi outfit matched my blouse..and we used the same designers


  2. Great post. Really interesting to see what the sis and SIL wore for the functions. I’ll be coming up with a series of posts related to my wedding 🙂

    Also, do checkout my blog. Planning to revive it. 🙂


  3. Hi TDB! Your sister and SIL look beautiful! Would you recommend someone that has only three weeks (my mom will be staying in Delhi an extra two weeks, so I guess five weeks tops) to get outfits made by Mansi? I would love for my sister to get anarkali’s from Regalya. Also, just wondering what store your sister bought her reception saree from and if you don’t mind then please let me know how much it was. Thanks! Love you blog.


  4. Hey.
    My brother is getting married soon and I’m going to Delhi to shop for the wedding. Can you help me out with places where i can shop for myself? I don’t have a big budget for myself.


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