The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide: Part 2

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Wedding Makeup Guide: Part 2”

  1. great practical and useful advice…. would also love to read a review of ur MUA… both pluses and minuses! goes a long way in making decisions easier for brides-to be 🙂


  2. Hey! this is Ritika here… its abt my wedding photographers… attaching my posts on their wall… which they promptly deleted and banned me from viewing or writing on their walls ever again! and deleted me from their friends lists as well!

    ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST. @ prateek kashyap @dreamweaves photography

    Hi, just wanted to let you know how disappointed i am with your after-shoot services…. almost 4 months after the marriage, and about 50-70 (without exaggerating) msgs and calls later…where we could not get in touch with you even once; i find my parents hassled and myself helpless as i am not in the country. we have not received either the DVDs or the edited pics as promised by you….

    when i think back to how prompt u were before the marriage…. i can only imagine that you actually do not care about your customers… and treat us only as things to shoot and forget! i know this is harsh… i have no idea if this is an isolated incident or not but its highly unprofessional and disgraceful.

    after giving up on reaching out to you we tried contacting your staff… after repeated promises of deliveries…. which never took place… they do not even have the freaking decency to call and inform!!! and when we call and give an ultimatum… we are told sorry maam i cannot come… u come and take it if u want them! WTF!?!?!?!!?

    i did not want to do this publicly like this… which is why i waited for all this time! but this is OUTRAGEOUS i cannot tell you how angry i am at being treated a nothing but an object

    i can never recommend you to my friends or family!

    And this is a msg i got from another client–

    Hi Ritika

    I just read your message on Prateek’s wall and realized we’re not the only ones suffering because of his team’s lack of professionalism. I have had the same exact traumatizing experience as you on all accounts and maybe worse, they actually lost our engagement video.

    I am writing to you to get in touch with you to ensure this doesn’t happen with anyone else, especially when it comes to something as important as a wedding day. Is there anything we could do to keep this from happening to others?


    This shouldd give you a little more detail abt what i’m talking abt.. i need a platform to say this and reach out to more people… so that they dont get duped!!!


  3. great practical and useful advice…. waiting for your review of B-blunt! goes a long way in making decisions easier for brides-to be 🙂


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