Entwined in Movie Magic by The Wedding Filmer

7 thoughts on “Entwined in Movie Magic by The Wedding Filmer”

  1. Their work is just, magic. It makes you cry, and leaves you with this feeling that words just can’t explain. It reminds you what weddings truly are about. *sniff*

    And the weird coincidence is that this morning, we were all like – why, why, have we not pinned ALL of their videos yet? And thus began Wedding Filmers video pinning spree! Then we stumbled upon your post, and, well, <3! 🙂


  2. Yes, they really create magic. Magic every girl wants to be a part of. Marriages are made in heaven, but capturing that heaven in few glimpses, is what Wedding Filmer does..
    Great work guys..Keep it up..!!!


  3. this is the second video by the wedding filmer i have seen, the first one was of kanika gandhis wedding in goa, watched it again and again, amazing work…. havent seen better ever….keep it up ,u create magic


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