thedelhibells: Sangeet

27 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Sangeet”

  1. What wonderful surprises!!! If weddings in Mumbai are super elegant, then weddings in Delhi are soooo much fun!! I also danced on my sangeet like it was somebody else’s wedding!! 😛

    Superb post!! 🙂


  2. Wow! Looks like such a great night! And so many surprises. 🙂 And haha! The embarrassing expressions are priceless. Why don’t you share the story of how you and him met on the blog?


  3. LOVE the pics! You look awesome! And surprises are THE BEST!

    My husband refused to do a couple dance or let me dance with my friends (I did it any way) only coz he had planned to surprise me by dancing to one of the cheesiest songs ever (tujh main rab dikhta hain- he HATED the movie. He dislikes the song and he totally DETESTS SRK- I ofcourse love the movie and Worship SRK) all because as a passing reference I had mentioned to my sister that I wish he would dance on it!


    1. Awwww!!! Such a sweet husband!!! 🙂 And that’s the reason why we chose Chammak Challo for the group dance btw – since I’m so in love with Aunty Ji, they had to convince me nobody else wanted to dance on it except me so that I eventually had to drop the idea and go along with just Chammak Challo!


  4. You guys are super duper cute!!
    (Just wrote a long comment and it didn’t get post for some reason.)
    May you have a lovely, amazing, blessed married life! God bless. 🙂


      1. in love with the whole post, the blog and you! 🙂

        i’ve recently moved out of delhi to hyderabad 😦
        can you tell me any store or website where i can order and look for such lehenga style flared skirt.. loved your looks esp sangeet 🙂


  5. absolutely loved loved this post! I almost had the picture opf my sangeet in front of me 🙂 You write fabulous. I am gonna read all the posts now 😀 almost stalkin your wedding 😛


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