Discount on PrettySecrets

7 thoughts on “Discount on PrettySecrets”

  1. wow! really cool collection – i liked little black dress collection stylish and classy. Bought it today for the first time too.


      1. Yes it fits me very well and even the delivery was on time. I received it after 2 days. Wish there were more collection on site though.


  2. Hey Girls,
    I recently purchased half of my lingerie from Prettysecrets (thanks to TDB for inspiring me to browse their collection). And I must say, their hospitality+delivery service+return process+prices..everything is perfect ! To add to one’s happiness, the color of their delivery box is haute pink which makes it all the more adorable ! 😉
    I highly recommend Prettysecrets to all brides-to-be!
    Happy Shopping 🙂


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