thedelhibells: Mehendi

25 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Mehendi”

    1. Awwww *blush blush* thanks!!! I did buy a turquoise blue crushed skirt initially, but in my search for a matching brocade corset – I found this corset, and it went so much better with this yellow skirt I found at the same store! That poor blue skirt is still lying unused in my cupboard – I’m hoping I find an occasion to use it somebody soon!


  1. Omg ur last few lines r so touching. I could actually feel the emotions!
    N u r so pretty n ur right u were the bride,it was ur day, u do whatever u want to 🙂


  2. I know what you mean. Those few quiet moments that I got with my parents and little sister meant the world to me! Lovely post!


  3. It was a good thing that you got your mehendi a lil above your wrist .. I got mine till the elbow up .. And it was a pretty painful experience .. Sitting there with all arms stretched .. I had a hard time smiling for the cameras!

    Btw looking very pretty .. As usual 🙂 looking forward to the wedding posts!


    1. yeah, that was another reason why I didn’t want too much. The more intricate and dense the design, the more number of hours you have to just sit there. The pillows propped up on my sides really helped, and the whole process didn’t take too long. I was totally expecting that my hands and back would start to hurt after a point, but it was really quick and easy! No painful experiences, thankfully!


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