thedelhibells: Pre-Wedding Shoot

27 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Pre-Wedding Shoot”

  1. Super-adorable, your pictures totally melted my heart! I would be over-the-moon if my pre-wedding pictures look anything like this!
    Nice to see you back in action, and waiting eagerly for an update on the remaining wedding festivities! 🙂


  2. I know I just chanced upon your blog, and you do not know me at all, but these are heartwarmingly adorable 🙂 Simply beautiful… As are you yourself 🙂


  3. I read your wedding bells diaries again, today. Very beautifully written.

    You explained everything but I believe you have missed the most important part, “How You Met Your Husband”.

    Please put a post on your love story. Please 🙂


  4. The pre wedding pics are romantic . Location is apt and adds a distinctive flavour to the shoot . @Maansi Sangwan hair and makeup


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