thedelhibells: Pre-Wedding Week

10 thoughts on “thedelhibells: Pre-Wedding Week”

  1. Sounds like a blast! 😀 I loved my pre-bridals! Did it with my usual salon-Plum ggn! It was superb! So relaxing! And fun!
    The pre-wedding shoot! 😀 Super fun no?


  2. Hi Shinjini… I know this is an old post.. .but I hope you’ll be able to help… What all is included in the pre-bridal… and how much did it cost you…? 🙂 Thanks


    1. Hey Parul. Price of pre-bridal package totally depends on where you get it from, and which things you choose to get done. Brides typically get facials, mani/pedis, bleaching, body polishing, etc. depends on what u need, and what u like!


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