thedelhibells : Mata Ki Chowki

24 thoughts on “thedelhibells : Mata Ki Chowki”

  1. OMG I love it! Good you are writing all this. Now I can know all the tiny details that I missed. And it’s so easy to imagine you doing all this.. you know like freaking out because of ‘chamki’ stuff..haha! 🙂


  2. Do u Cal dis suit of urs “chamki suit”!? I’m a punju myself n seriously dis is lyk my normal suit. Lol
    Don’t know wat u vl say wen u see heavy suits in punju lingo!
    U luk pretty lyk a cute doll.
    God bless


    1. 🙂 well, in my defense, the embroidery on the suit is a lot more chamki than the picture captured, with a literally heavy border on the suit. But yes, still not enough to be classified as chamki! Thank you Vanu!


  3. So pretty! And seriously..Chamki..THAT?? since my mom in law is punjabi we had a MkC too and I wore this ORANGE and PINK floor length anarkali..and I felt like I looked like a ball of colour till I saw that EVERYONE from my (now) husbands side was colourful!


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